Rent-to-Own offices for Sale In Westlands

Description This amazing building has natural lighting with spectacular views of the city This amazing project offers grade A office accommodation in one of the best neighborhoods in Nairobi to meet the demand for businesses and non-profit organizations to have high-quality premises within easy reach of the central business districts of the city. Distinctive Amenities…

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Before you take over that new house, here is your checklist

Are you looking for a new house to live in? Well, there are several checks you need to make to ensure a pleasurable experience as a homeowner or as a tenant. Before your visit, request that the house is cleaned thoroughly. This will expose imperfections that are often hidden by layers of dust. Once on…

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Seven steps that demystify the property transfer process

The process of property transfer has become an ordeal to many Kenyans who hurriedly acquire property without following the right procedures, often leading to legal battles. The following are seven steps to ensure that the given property is transferred in the right way. Identification of property A buyer should seek the services of a reputable…

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Why you still need that professional estate agent when buying a house

The search for a house that meets your budget and interests can often be an arduous one. In fact, it can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process unless you don’t mind making home shopping a part time job. Although many people report that buying a house can be quite stressful, a professional estate agent is…

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How can you protect yourself from rogue landlords?

According to the Kenya National Housing Survey 2012/2013, up to 80% of Kenya’s urban dwellers are tenants. With home ownership a distant dream for a large number of people, tenant-landlord relationships are gaining greater prominence. Often times when house hunting, tenants tend to be in such a state of distress that they hurry and sometimes…

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