Property Management

Property Management

Citiscape Valuers provides property management services in order to maintain high occupancy levels and achieve strong financial and economic growth of the assets thereby increasing the rate of return from that property for the investor. We offer management services for office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, industrial complexes, and residential properties.

Below are our key responsibilities in property management:

Preparation and administration of the management plan – We prepare the working document that meets the needs of the owner, the tenant and the property manager simultaneously.  In the plan we include the owner’s objectives for the property, risk management policies, economic analyses, the competition, consumer preferences, property maintenance requirements, tenant policies, financial management, administration and staff, and reporting requirements.

Marketing of vacant space – We analyze the market for the property and the competition it faces. We provide recommendations.

Physical Management of the property– We carry out routine operation and maintenance of the property, taking into account compliance with all applicable codes, health and safety requirements, other governmental requirements, cleaning the common areas of the building, collecting and removing waste, decorating or redecorating the common areas and entry ways, providing contractually required maintenance as well as implementing a system of preventive maintenance.

Financial Record Keeping – We maintain rent collection records, security deposits and service charge receipts records; operating expenses of the property and accounting records.

Financial Analysis – In addition to keeping records, we provide an analysis of revenues and expenses.  We provide periodical budgets and property viability analysis.

Enhanced Economic Performance of the Property – We ensure increased rental income and reduction of operating expenses. We recommend modifications to the physical structure that increase or maximize the property’s appreciation potential. We provide value enhancement plan

Innovation – We remain creative and innovative. We are in touch with changes in the rental market, up to date and knowledgeable with the economic forces that affect the supply and demand for the rental space. We identify new target markets, determine new uses of the property, or generate new ideas or procedures to market the property in a changing market environment.

Lease and administration – We determine the feasible lease terms, security deposits, handle complaints and evictions, ensuring safety standards are adhered to. We communicate with the tenants.

Tenants Screening – We sort out tenant applications and vetting.


Handling Leases – We set the length of the leases and make sure they all have the necessary provisions to protect the owner. This includes determining the amount of security deposit required.

Staff recruitment and supervision –We supervise all the staff in the property to ensure they deliver quality service. We ensure their employments contract meet the regulatory requirements.

Responsible for Taxes – We submit periodical deductions to the relevant government bodies.  We also advise the property owner on tax requirements for their property.

Reporting – We prepare property plans on a regular basis to explain the performance of the property.